How we think by John Dewey

Monday 3rd December – Analysis of Reflective Thinking by John Dewey

Text chosen by Sarah Griffiths:

Tracking back from the last reading group, and Schon’s Reflective Practitioner, I have chosen a chapter from John Dewey’s How we think.  Actually I include two chapters – the focus is Chapter 7: Analysis of Reflective Thinking, but as it makes reference to some examples in Chapter 6, so I have included this also.
Earlier on in the book he makes the case that in order to develop reflective thinking, we must firstly cultivate the right attitudes.  Only once we have this foundation of open-mindedness, whole-heartedness and responsibility, should we look to specific tools and techniques.   The chapter I have chosen then looks closely at the process of reflective thinking, through the 5 key stages of Suggestion, Intellectualisation, Hypothesis, Reasoning and Testing.

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