27.10.2014 Sarah Buckler – Research Presentation

Session led by Sarah Buckler

Listening to Ghosts; re-imagining the sound of a mining landscape

“In a mostly forgotten corner of North East England, amid the green fields and small housing estates which cover over the evidence of past industrial fervour, people go about their daily lives haunted by the memories of the past. In the rhythms of their speech and the ongoingness of everyday activity we can trace a moral aesthetic of tension and counterpoint which was once rooted in political and economic relationships and expressed in musical forms and occasions but which is now projected inwards into an inner life and inner time which cries out for expression and a sense of future but which, invisible to most, remains largely ignored. This presentation will include audio excerpts and images intended to demonstrate a sense of place and a permeating aesthetic alongside a verbal presentation and discussion.”

There is no need for any prior reading – I realise it’s billed as a ‘reading’ group but hopefully this is a somewhat different approach which will raise some interesting ideas.

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