02.02.2015 DiSalvo – Design, Democracy and Agonistic Pluralism

DiSalvo, C., 2010. Design, Democracy and Agonistic Pluralism. In: D. Durling, ed. Design and Complexity. Proceedings of the Design Research Society Conference. 7-9 July 2010. Montreal (Quebec), Canada: Université de Montréal.

Text chosen by Hilal Bugali

Following the last reading group text on agonistics, I would like to continue the discussion with Carl DiSalvo’s “Design, Democracy and Agonistic Pluralism”.

Dr. Carl F. DiSalvo is an Associate Professor in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he established The Public Design Workshop, which is a design research studio that explores socially-engaged design practices and civic media. He earned a PhD in Design from Carnegie Mellon University in 2006. His work explores the intersection of design, art, technology, and politics.

In this text, DiSalvo talks about the model of agonistic pluralism in democracy and its implications in design practice. He makes a distinction between design for politics and political design, and suggests that by embracing an agonistic approach and challenging the status quo, political design opens up a wider range of possibilities in the context of “design for democracy”.

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