16.03.2015 Horne and Tobin – Open space

Horne, V. and Tobin, A., 2014. Open space – an unfinished revolution in art historiography, or how to write a feminist art history. feminist review, 107, pp. 75-83.

Text chosen by Caroline Gausden

Ahead of the SCAN event I am organising around feminist praxis I would like to suggest a short text around writing from a feminist perspective. The text was produced by researchers currently working in the Edinburgh College of Art and contributing to the Scottish Graduate Cohort training programme as Gray’s researchers also will on collaboration. My interest is in exploring writing and reading as a collaborative practice and thinking about ‘ the collective as a model for instituting new research through self reflexive interrogation’.

I would also like to suggest the following very inspiring presentation by Rosi Braidotti as providing a broad philosophical context for discussions on collaboration and relational knowledge. Braidotti is a contemporary philosopher and feminist theoretician based at Utrecht University who has written extensively at the intersection with social and political theory, cultural politics, gender, feminist theory and ethnicity studies. The talk is 40 minutes but well worth it to get a really interesting perspective on some of the philosophical histories we have dealt with in the reading group over time and also to see a great example of public speaking. I will select sections from it to think on collaboration.

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