Performance … Text

Performance … Text

‘By using texts as commonplaces for shared interpretations and discussions, learners can examine their personal and cultural situations. By creating and performing them, they may be able to recover experience lost to insidious trauma and thus come to understand their situations differently.’

Claire Robson, Writing for Change: Research as Public Pedagogy and Arts-Based Activism (2012)


Starting on 12th October 2015 a new iteration of Gray’s research reading group commences.

Performance … Text asks us to consider our relationship to reading and writing. It utilises the format of a reading group and asks the question, ‘how do we read texts and how do texts read us?’








in this context might constitute a performance.

Beginning with four pre-selected texts – which aim to introduce a common, if contested, framework for discussion – further texts will be chosen in conversation with participants and through a process that negotiates 1. historic and paradigmatic relevance for practice-based research 2. personal interest and 3. performative potential.












in this context might constitute an affect.

Performance … Text takes place on a fortnightly basis as part of Gray’s School of Art’s postgraduate research programme. Everyone is welcome – whether they are within or outwith the institution.

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