The Distribution of the Sensible

ranciere photo

On Monday 1st February between 1 – 3pm in room G202 we’ll be discussing Jacques Rancière’s Distribution of the Sensible – The Politics Of Aesthetics.

Design plays a significant role in creating material culture, and this role assumes a power position, which decides about inclusion and exclusion of certain identities, interests, and opinions within the lived experience. In other words, they decide what is to see or not to see, to hear or not to hear, and to say or not to say in the distribution of time, space and experience. For next week’s reading group, I chose The Distribution of Sensible: The Politics of Aesthetics from Rancière to examine this regime of sense, or sensible order, that designers, as well as artists, take part in (per)forming.

Everyone is welcome!

(Text introduced by Hilal Bugali.)

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