Laibach and the NSK


On Monday 29th February between 1 – 3pm in room G202 we’ll be discussing Simon Bell’s Laibach and the NSK: Aestheticising the East/West Nexus in Post-Totalitarian Europe.

This paper reflects a study in how the Slovenian art collective the NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst), and more specifically it’s sub-group Laibach, interrogate the representation of Central and Eastern European cultural memory in the context of post- Socialism, and operate as a nexus between Eastern Europe and the West. NSK and Laibach represent a case study of how an art collective and music band can trigger reactions at the local and global level by their artistic approach, the visual and aural language they use and their political outlook.

Everyone is welcome!

(Text introduced by Maja Zeco.)

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