Resonance: Philosophy for Sonic Art


On Monday 25th April between 1 – 3pm in room G202 we’ll be discussing the sixth and final section of Peter Price’s book ‘Resonance: Philosophy for Sonic Art’, entitled Openings to New Sonic Art.

“In an attempt to re-centre a philosophy of music within – and radiating out from – the figure of resonance. Peter Price formulates a new philosophy of the sonic …”

In this section Price suggests ways in which we can approach and think about experimental sonic art.

Please note this is a rather long text for a reading group, but for the purpose of this reading you could omit the description of the two example works labelled (((ART IN RESONANCE))) pp.261-273 and the section that starts at the 2nd paragraph on pp.282 to half way down p.287.

Peter Price is a composer, digital artist and media theorist. He co-directs <fidget> in Philadelphia (, a research laboratory for new forms of art, performance and media. He holds a PhD from the European Graduate School in Switzerland.

Everyone is welcome!

(Text introduced by David Crossen)


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